All You Can Eat

Sernior (65+)$19.99$28.99
Child (7-12)$12.99$16.99
child (5-6)$8.99$8.99
child (3-4)$5.99$5.99


2cheese wonton (10pcs)$6.99
3agedashi tofu$4.50
 deep fried tofu with house sauce 
4spring roll (5pcs)$4.25
5age gyoza (6pcs)$4.50
 deep fried japanese dumplings 
6chicken karage$6.50
 japanese style deep fried chicken 
7squid tentacle karage$6.99
 japanese style deep fried squid tentacle 
8shrimp tempura (6pcs)$7.50
9crab tempira (6pcs)$5.99
10assorted tempura$6.99
 3 pcs shrimp & 6 pcs vegetable tempura 
11vegetable tempura (8pcs)$5.50
 assorted vegetable tempura 
12sweet potato tempura (8pcs)$5.50
13pork katsu fry$6.50
14chicken katsu fry$6.50
15chicken teriyaki$7.99
16beef teriyaki$8.50
17scallop katsu fry (8pcs)$4.99
18general Tso's chicken$9.99
19sesame chicken$9.99
20soft shell crab$8.50
21mixed bbq set (5pcs)$8.99
 grilled shrimp, scallop, chicken, on skewers whit teriyaki sauce 
 grilled chicken skewers served with teriyaki sauce 
23shrimp skewers (6pcs)$6.99
 grilled squid with special house sauce 
25saba shioyaki$6.50
 grilled mackerel 
26beff short ribs$9.99
27green onion beef roll (6pcs)$6.99
28black pepper beef$9.99
 pan fried scallop with butter 
29sashimi appetizer (10pcs)$8.99
30sushi appetizer (6pcs)$6.99

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